About us

A little over two years ago I started Stand Up Paddle Boarding with a great friend of mine. We soon noticed when it came to buying a SUP how many different types there were and how much the price varied. It was either really expensive for what you were getting or really CHEAP and NASTY and wouldn’t last.

On most web sites the boards were very similar in construction but made you and I the consumers pay an inflated price just for their name alone

That’s when we decided to start selling Stand Up Paddle Board packages, that were strong and durable at a very reasonable and fair price.

After researching suppliers we were lucky enough to meet a dedicated individual. His whole process of constructing the boards from start to finish is by hand. Right down to the mixing of the paint colours. Every board made by him is with absolute dedication to perfect the board to its ultimate ability. An outstanding process to watch.

We are a young business that is Australian owned with big ambitions. We have future plans to expand to a variety of products to give the Australian people maximum fun at affordable prices.

Our boards are well built and can take any punishment you wish to give them while riding on them. If you purchase a Beasty Board we can assure you will not be disappointed. SO BUY A BEASTY BOARD NOW.