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The re-beginning of the Beast

Back in late 2014, there was a dream to provide quality Stand up Paddle Boards (SUPs) and Surfboards to the market after seeing a large gap. Existing providers either had bad quality products with a high price or good quality with an exceptionally high price.
After researching suppliers we were lucky enough to meet a dedicated individual. His whole process of constructing the boards from start to finish is by hand. Right down to the mixing of the paint colours. Every board made by him is with absolute dedication to perfect the board to its ultimate ability. An outstanding process to watch and something that motivated the decision to sell SUPs and Surfboards.
Fast forward to today, and it is what we call the re-beginning where we have started over and re-evaluated our offerings and are pushing forward focusing on SUPs only at this stage, and dropping Surfboards. Our SUP range was very popular with our clients, where as the Surfboard range was targeted to beginners and lets face it there are a lot of beginners surfboards flooding the market and it isnt where our passion is.
We love getting on the water, paddling out on our SUPs looking down at the deep blue and seeing what nature has to offer from a different view. If you've never been paddle boarding you should try it. Whether it is to relax, for fitness or to surf its a great adventure.
See you on the water!
Beasty Boards
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